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Excerpts from the Constitution of the Movement of the People (MOP)

(Aims and Objectives)

p. 231-232

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1Motto: Work, Truth, and Happiness

2Part One
The name of the Party shall be the Movement of the People (MOP).
Aims and Objectives


  • (a) To fight relentlessly to achieve and maintain the second Independence of the People of Nigeria;
  • (b) To serve as the positive political vanguard for removing all forms of oppression and for the establishment of a democratic government;
  • (c) To secure and maintain the complete unity of all the 19 federal states as one people;
  • (d) To work for the speedy reconstruction of a better Nigeria, in which the people shall have all the rights to live and govern themselves as free people without military interference;
  • (e) To promote the political, social, and economic emancipation of the people, most especially to abide fully by recommendations of the FESTAC colloquium for the emancipation of black people as recommended to African governments;
  • (f) To undertake and encourage cultural research into our traditional heritage, and build up in the people of Nigeria the pride of being African;
  • (g) To propagate as much as possible in Nigeria the principles of Nkrumahism which are all necessary and relevant to speedy and pragmatic national development.


  • (a) To work with other nationalist democratic and socialist movements in Africa and other continents, with a view to abolishing imperialism, colonialism, racialism, tribalism and all forms of national and racial oppression and economic inequality among nations, races and peoples and to support all action for world peace;
  • (b) To support the demand for a West African Economic System and an African Central Monetary system and of pan Africanism by promoting unity of action among the peoples of Africa and of African descent;
  • (c) To fight continuously to establish the pride of the African personality and the pride of all people of African descent.
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