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Kenya in Motion 2000-2020

Marie-Aude Fouéré
Marie-Emmanuelle Pommerolle
Christian Thibon


Texte intégral

ADB African Development Bank
AFD Agence française pour le développement
AIC African Inland Church
BBI Building Bridges Initiative
BIFA Buruburu Institute of Fine Arts
BWRC Basin Water Resources Committee
CAAC Catchment Area Advisory Committee
CBD Central Business District
CDF Constituency Development Fund
CDTF Community Development Trust Fund
CEC County Executive Committee Members
CFA Communauté financière en Afrique (Financial Community of Africa)
CHE Commission for Higher Education (Kenya)
CIPK Council of Imams and Preachers of Kenya
CKRC Constitution of Kenya Review Commission
CNRS Centre national de la recherche scientifique (French National Centre for Scientific Research)
CPK Church of the Province of Kenya
CRA Commission on Revenue Allocation
CSM Church of Scotland Mission
CSRP Civil Service Reform Program
DAAD Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst (German Academic Exchange Service)
DHS Demographic and Health Surveys
EAC East African Community
EACC Ethics and Anti-corruption Authority
ECK Electoral Commission of Kenya
EDCG Education Donor Coordination Group
EPZ Export Processing Zone
ERS Economic Recovery Strategy for Wealth and Employment Creation
EUR Euro (ISO 4217 Currency Codes:​iso-4217-currency-codes.html)
FAO Food and Agriculture Organization
FDSE Free Day Secondary Education
FIDA Federation of Women Lawyers
FMI International Monetary Fund
FPE Free Primary Education
GDP Gross Domestic Product
GDP Gross Domestic Product
GEMA Gikuyu, Embu, Meru Association
GNI Gross National Income
GNP Gross National Product
GROK Government of Republic of Kenya
HDI Human Development Index
HELB Higher Education Loans Board
ICUEA Inter-University Council of East Africa
IDE Integrated Development Environment
IDP Internally Displaced Persons
IEA Institute of Economic Affairs
IEBC Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission
IFRA Institut français de recherche en Afrique (French Research Institute in Africa
IGO Intergovernmental Organization
ILO International Labour Organization
IMF International Monetary Fund
INRA Institut national de la recherche agronomique (National Institute of Agricultural Research)
IPCC Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
IPK Islamic Party of Kenya
IRD Institut de recherche pour le développement (Research Institute for Development)
IUCEA Inter-University Council for East Africa
IUCN International Union for Conservation of Nature
IWRM Integrated Water Resource Management
KADU Kenya African Democratic Union
KANU Kenya African National Union
KAS Kenya Art Society
KASVIT Kisumu Alliance of Street Vendors and Informa Traders
KAULI Kenya Assembly of Ulama and Imam
KBS Kenyan Bureau of Statistics
KCPE Kenya Certificate of Primary Education
KCSE Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education
KEFRI Kenya Forestry Research Institute
KEPSA Kenya Private Sector Alliance
KES Kenyan Shilling (ISO 4217 Currency Codes :​iso-4217-currency-codes.html)
KESSP Kenya Education Sector Support Programme
KFS Kenya Forest Service
KFWG Kenya Forests Working Group
KHCR Kenya Human Rights Commission
KIEMS Kenya Integrated Election Management System
KIHBS Kenya Integrated Household Budget Survey
KISTA Kisumu Informal Traders Association
KITES Kisumu Informal Traders Economic Support
KLA Kenya Land Alliance
KLR Kenya Law Reports
KNBS Kenya National Bureau of Statistics
KPC Kenya Pipeline Company
KWS Kenya Wildlife Service
KWTA Kenya Water Towers Agency
LAM Les Afriques dans le monde
LNC Local Native Councils
MCA Members of County Assemblies
MDG Millennium Development Goals
MEST Ministry of Education, Science and Technology
MP Member of Parliament
MRC Mombasa Republican Council
NARC National Rainbow Coalition
NCCK National Council of Churches of Kenya
NCIC National Cohesion and Integration Commission
NCLR National Council for Law Reporting
NEMA National Environment Management Authority
NGO Non-governmental Organization
NHIF National Hospital Insurance Fund
NLC National Land Commission
NLP National Land Policy
NLPFP National Land Policy Formulation Process
NPC Nairobi Pentecostal Church
NSSF National Social Security Fund
ODM Orange Democratic Movement
OVC Orphans and Vulnerable Children
PCEA Presbyterian Church of East Africa
PELIS Plantation Establishment and Livelihood Improvement Schemes
PES Payment for Environmental Services
PPP Public-Private Partnership
PSCU President’s Strategic Communications Unit
REDD Reduced Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation
SAP Structural Adjustment Plan
SEIA Socio-Economic Impact Assessment
SGR Standard Gauge Railway
SID Society for International Development
SME Small and Medium-sized Enterprisess
TEU Twenty-foot equivalent unit
TJRC Truth, Justice, and Reconciliation Commission
UN United Nations
UNEP United Nations Environment Programme
UNEP United Nations Environment Programme
UNICEF United Nations Children’s Fund
USA United States of America
USAID United States Agency for International Development
USD Unites States Dollar (ISO 4217 Currency Codes:​iso-4217-currency-codes.html)
WHO World Health Organization
WRMA Water Resource Management Authority
WRUA Water Resource Users Association
WSTF Water Service Trust Fund
WWF World Wildlife Fund
YMCA Young Men’s Christian Association


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