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Where Women Are

Nanjala Nyabola
Marie-Emmanuelle Pommerolle


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1This book is the result of a multi-year collaboration between Kenyan women and their allies: a labour of love that we hope will shift the conversation around women and politics in the countries. As with any other project of this size, an intense amount of teamwork and collaboration has gone into every step, and we are humbled and grateful for everything that has been brought to the table. The editors would like to thank each individual contributor for working within tense timelines to produce impeccable work. Your intellectual contributions to this important subject are greatly appreciated. We would also like to thank Wangui Kimari and Lanoi Maloiy for their tireless work in meticulously proofreading and copy editing each contribution, as well as their individual contributions to the text. Without their work, this final product would not be possible. To our institutional partners at the Heinrich Böll Stiftung, IFRA, and Twaweza Communications, thank you for the support and all the sacrifices that have gone into getting this final product into the right hands. To the various women who shared their stories and their lives with us and with our contributors - thank you for allowing us to hold up your stories as an example of what is possible within Kenya’s political space. You inspire us all with your courage and conviction, and we hope to have done you justice. And to all of our families and friends who have walked with us on this two and a half year journey, thank you for your patience and understanding. May our political herstories no longer be hidden.

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