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Rural-Urban Dynamics in the East African Mountains

Sylvain Racaud
Bob R. Nakileza
François Bart
et al.

Part 4

Mountains as Food Basket: Markets and Rural-Urban Flow of Goods

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1Markets are of course key places for the flow of goods, especially food-crops from rural productive areas to urban centres. In those fertile densely populated mountains, many of them are scattered in the highlands, some grow along the main roads in the lowlands and piedmont, as connecting points between rural and urban, highlands and lowlands. Consequently, the liberalization of trade activities, the urban growth as well, contribute to make up market hierarchized networks, in which mountains play the strategic role of food basket. Some market places tend to grow as small urban centres, sometimes rural becomes urban, and rurban features appear, making it more and more difficult to separate urban and rural.

2The first paper, in a comparative approach, describes the food marketing chain in the Uporoto Mountains of Southern Tanzania and in Mt Elgon (Uganda). The second study focuses on Mt Elgon, demonstrating how “periodic markets should be recognized factors of both development and local economic integration”.

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