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Rural-Urban Dynamics in the East African Mountains

Sylvain Racaud
Bob R. Nakileza
François Bart
et al.

Part 1

Emerging Cities and Towns

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1The speeding up of sprawling urbanization is one of the major contemporary changes in East Africa (table 1).

Table 1. Urbanization 1984-2014 in East Africa

Table 1. Urbanization 1984-2014 in East Africa

Source: World Bank (​)

2Although in East Africa the percentage of urban population remains lower than in most of the African countries - the mean percentage was 37 % in Sub Saharan Africa in 2014 - the number of people staying in towns has increased by 3 or more than 4 times during the last three decades: this is a true revolution, especially in those rural mountain areas where population densities sometimes go up to more than 500 inh./km2.

3This part is made up of three papers: the first one describes the urban growth in the whole Eastern African mountains, with specific details about the field studies in Mt Elgon (Uganda) and Uporoto Mts. (Southern Tanzania). The second aims to insist on the role of small and medium sized towns; the last deals with the Mt Kilimanjaro case (Northern Tanzania), in and around Moshi.

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Titre Table 1. Urbanization 1984-2014 in East Africa
Crédits Source: World Bank (​)
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