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Jerzy Grotowski. L’eredità vivente

Human praxis in the light of Grotowski’s works

A response to the call for an Act

Iwona E. Rusek
Translated by Marta Kowalczyk

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«It’s all about the path of life and cognition».
Jerzy Grotowski

I will begin with a quotation from Wacław Berent’s article which reads as follows:

The deeper and more reliable makings, the more desperately they need to fight in this web of moldy angles: the nobler wild apples trees, the sooner they wither in the musty air. – “Be yourself” - these simple words never reach them, while they constantly hear: “be something for someone or something”. So they bend, bend and break to fulfill the obligation. They break in the most tragic manner, because only by half they believe in that obligation, yet completely and earnestly despising themselves as a passive victim.
“Who are you? What do you love the most? What attracts and controls your soul, what makes it happy?” – among the young ones, who and where can hear such questions today. And each of them feels with their repressed instinct of life that a lot of debris from the things that once lived and today, in the name of caring hypocrisy uncle...


Marta Kowalczyk (Translator)