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Jerzy Grotowski. L’eredità vivente

Investigate the memory or investigate oneself through the memory

Notes on the notion of memory in the artistic journey of Jerzy Grotowski1

Tatiana Motta Lima

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Extrait du texte

«How was this once upon a time, this sound that today, yes, generates G’s, that hurts into G’s2. He who considers nostalgia a mere back-light that comes from what was left behind not only undoes the sign but the rose also3».

«The singer who ‘forgets himself’ in the song […] and the song that ‘reminds’ (….) The song reveals itself through the doer, while the human being does it through the song4».

Memory is perhaps one of Grotowski’s practiced words5 that is more difficult to be analyzed because it involves a series of investigations that have gone far beyond a stricter sense of theater, concerning a certain self-perception experienced by the performer. The notion was eminently related to the performer’s work on oneself or, saying more clearly, about what is or may be experienced as self. We can also reverse the sentence and say that memory is, in Grotowski’s journey, an experience that allowed the performer to relax a certain most habitual perception – and supposedly stable – of its o...