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Collana dell'Associazione Italiana di Linguistica Computazionale

Bajo la dirección de Bernardo Magnini

The book series intends to publish the proceedings of the Italian Conference on Computational Linguistics (CLiC-it), the annual event that aims to establishing a reference forum for research on Computational Linguistics in Italy. Then within the proceedings contributions related to the Natural Language Processing are provided, combined to significant suggestions about theoretical and methodological reflections on this matter, in order to give a meaningful contribution to this area of research. The conference, as well as the proceedings, covers issues like Computational Linguistics, Linguistics, Cognitive Science, Machine Learning, Computer Science, Knowledge Representation, Information Retrieval and Digital Humanities.
The organization of the conference is the result of a fruitful effort of the Italian Association for Computational Linguistics (AILC represented in each edition of the conference by some organizer members affiliated to different organizations operating in computational linguistics.

ISSN electrónico: 2531-4548

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