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The OpenEdition Freemium programme for Books

OpenEdition Books’ partner publishers may propose their own book series on the OpenEdition Books platform according to two access models:

  • Open Access Freemium: Open Access in HTML format for everyone, and PDF/ePub versions available via libraries who have acquired the books;
  • Exclusive access: access reserved to libraries that have acquired books in all formats (HTML, ePub, PDF).

At least 50 % of the books will be distributed in Open Access Freemium. A maximum of 50 % will be available via exclusive access. Publishers are encouraged to distribute as many books as possible in Open Access. Once the book is published in Open Access, it cannot be published on exclusive access. This is part of a long term commitment we have made to libraries. However, if a book is distributed in exclusive access, it is possible to subsequently distribute it via Open Access Freemium.

Purchase books individually or in bundles

It is possible to purchase books individually, or in bundles. The bundles are thematic and made up of titles selected by our team from across the OpenEdition Books catalogue. Libraries acquiring one or several bundles are able to benefit from a preferential rate compared to books purchased on a title-by-title basis.

A permanent or annual (rental) licence

Permanent access enables libraries to build up book collections for long-term conservation and without usage limits applied to PDF and ePub files : neither DRM or download quota is applied. Libraries are able to conserve the PDF and ePub files of purchased books. With annual rental, libraries can offer users books acquired individually or as part of a cheaper bundle. The library automatically acquires permanent access to the title after four years of uninterrupted rental access.

Request a trial period

Institutions and libraries are able to trial OpenEdition Freemium for Books free of charge. To request a trial period, please contact access@openedition.org.

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