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Digital books in the humanities and social sciences

OpenEdition Books is now home to thousands of titles from 60 publishers in the humanities and social sciences. A total of 16,000 books will be published online by 2020. The platform aims to build an international library while encouraging publishers to develop Open Access in the long term. It is open to publications in all languages and from all fields of research in the humanities and social sciences.

Titles available from each publisher are displayed on the individual publisher’s page. Our referencing procedures ensure that titles enjoy maximum visibility on the web. PDFs and ePubs can be purchased by libraries and are on sale from digital bookstores.


  • Free to apply
  • Titles selected by the OpenEdition Academic Board
  • Digitisation support programme (subject to conditions)


  • HTML content consultable online
  • ePubs for tablets and smartphones (MOBI via Amazon)
  • PDFs of chapters or books available for download


  • Open Access Freemium: HTML free of charge and sale of PDFs and ePubs
  • Exclusive access: sale of all reading formats
  • Retail price of titles set by the publisher, who receives 66% of revenues from library subscriptions and 50% of digital bookstore sales


  • Access to digital publishing software designed for scholarly publications
  • Distribution management via an online interface
  • Sophisticated content structuring using XML-TEI
  • Detailed usage statistics


  • Compliance with metadata formats
  • Indexing in specialist databases and library discovery tools (Ebsco, Proquest, Ex-Libris)
  • High SEO performance on public search engines

A publishers’ consortium

OpenEdition Books is composed of consortium of 30 publishers mainly comprising of French university presses, as well as several private publishers, and non-French publishers. These publishers, alongside the OpenEdition team, participate in a discussion forum to assess and improve the platform’s services. The consortium is open to all publishers who join OpenEdition Books.

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