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Jens Schott Knudsen - CC BY-NC 2.0

Digital books in the humanities and social sciences

OpenEdition Books is now home to thousands of titles from 60 publishers in the humanities and social sciences.

Two thirds of the titles in the catalogue are available free of charge in HTML and can be quoted, printed or embedded on external sites. PDF and ePub formats are on sale from digital bookstores. They are also available from subscribing libraries.


  • Unlimited access from all computers, tablets and smartphones
  • Unrestricted downloads
  • RSS or email alerts
  • Sharing and posting options


  • Search by book or by chapter
  • Indexes of authors, publishers, keywords and themes
  • Numbered paragraphs, margin notes and tables of illustrations
  • Suggest a purchase to your library


  • Read HTML content online (“zen” layout)
  • Read ePubs on tablets and smartphones
  • Download PDFs of books or chapters

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