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Gilbert Sorrentino

Marie-Christine Agosto

Liste des abréviations utilisées

Texte intégral

1SCh The Sky Changes /CCh : Le ciel change
(trad. Ph. Mikriammos, 1991)

2 St Steelwork/St : Steelwork (trad. B. Hœpffner, 1999)

3 IQAT Imaginative Qualities of Actual Things

4 SH Splendide-Hôtel

5 MS Mulligan Stew/ S : Salmigondis (trad. B. Hœpffner, 2006)

6 AS Aberration of Starlight

7 CV Crystal Vision

8BP Blue Pastoral

9 ON Odd Number

10 RT Rose Theatre

11 M Misterioso

12 US Under the Shadow

13 RF Red the Fiend/ RD : Red le démon (trad. B. Hœpffner, 1996)

14 PL Pack of Lies

15GF Gold Fools

16 LC Little Casino /PC : Petit Casino (trad. B. Hoepffner, 2006)

17 MF The Moon in Its Flight

18 LF Lunar Follies

19 SC A Strange Commonplace

20 SS Something Said

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