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INALCO (National Institute for Oriental Languages and Civilizations) Press publishes scholarly books in a variety of geographical areas and fields.

Thus, their publications concern everything from Asia to Europe, Africa, the Mediterranean, America and Oceania, or some combination of these, in fields as diverse as linguistics, the humanities, the social sciences, political science, economics, law, orality and translation. Their series AsieS, EuropeS, AfriqueS, MéditerranéeS focus on individual geographical areas, while titles in the series TransAires span two or more of these. The capital S means to insist upon the inner diversity of each geographical area. INALCO Press also publishes textbooks, dictionaries and encyclopedias.


Les Komis. Questions d’histoire et de culture

Encyclopédie des peuples finno-ougriens tome 1

Eva Toulouze and Sébastien Cagnoli (ed.)

Ce volume, le premier de l'Encyclopédie des peuples finno-ougriens, rassemble des études visant à présenter au public francophone les Komis, ce peuple minoritaire de l’extrême nord-est de la Russie d’Europe : on y trouvera un aperçu de l’histoire des Komis et de leurs différents groupes ethniq...

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Les Fleurs artificielles

Création, imitation et logique de domination

Michael Lucken

Japanese as imitators is a long-standing stereotype. In Europe it appears in the 18th century and follows different typical steps up to nowadays. The history of this narrative, which is related to modernization process, does not only shed a new light on Japan’s encounter with European culture,...

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