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The Environment in the Age of the Internet

Activists, Communication, and the Digital Landscape

Heike Graf (ed.)

How do we talk about the environment? Does this communication reveal and construct meaning? Is the environment expressed and foregrounded in the new landscape of digital media?

The Environment in the Age of the Internet is an interdisciplinary collection that draws together research and answers from media and communication studies, social sciences, modern history, and folklore studies. Edited by Heike Graf, its focus is on the communicative approaches taken by different groups to ecolo...

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  • Publisher : Open Book Publishers
  • Serie : OBP collection
  • Place of publication : Cambridge
  • Year of publication : 2016
  • Published on OpenEdition Books : 01 June 2017
  • ISBN (Print version) : 9781783742431
  • Electronic ISBN : 9782821881631
  • Number of pages : xiv + 175 p.


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