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Selection and guidelines for authors


Publishing projects are selected from among doctoral theses that have been defended during the last 12 months or from among the work of confirmed authors who are keen to present the results of research undertaken by the different Research Programmes and Centres. Award-winning projects are given priority. There is a three-stage selection process.

1) The Institute’s own Publications Committee carries out an internal evaluation with a view to assessing whether the project is eligible for peer review.
2) The dossier is submitted to an external expert for review; this review will determine whether or not the manuscript is selected for preparation by the author with a view to final publication.
3) The final version of the manuscript is then peer reviewed again by the original peer review expert.

More information about the Graduate Institute series and Author Guidelines


Publishing projects are selected from among Master’s dissertations of a particularly high quality, or from among short, high-quality academic texts, such as inaugural lectures.

Authors are required to compile a dossier for submission to the Publications Department which includes a copy of the manuscript, information about the author and a work plan. The dossier is then submitted to the Institute’s Publications Committee which, with the support of an external expert, will decide whether or not to publish the work. The Series Editor communicates the final decision to the author along with any comments. The author is then required to finalise the manuscript, taking into account any comments, before re-submitting it to the Series Head.

More information about the Graduate Institute series and Author Guidelines


A committee of professors select texts which have left their mark on their discipline, especially in international law and humanitarian law, but also in history and anthropology.