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Graduate Institute Publications was created in 2008 as the publishing department of the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, Geneva. In partnership with international publishing houses, Graduate Institute Publications produces journals as well as online series that present analyses on crosscutting issues in international relations and development. Its editorial policy draws on the interdisciplinary approaches which mark the Institute’s research, itself based upon the following disciplines: Anthropology and Sociology of Development, International Law, International Economics, International History, and International Relations/Political Science.

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Migration Management?

Accounts of agricultural and domestic migrant workers in Ragusa (Sicily)

Sandra Paola Alvarez Tinajero

This book takes the reader into the lives of migrant workers who perform low-status occupations in Ragusa, Sicily. By drawing parallels between the experiences of live-in care and farm migrant workers, the author reveals remarkable similarities in how they relate to the labour market, to the s...

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