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Online publications of the French Institute of Anatolian Studies-Georges-Dumézil (IFEA) are meant to address all of the research fields covered by the institute, namely prehistoric, protohistoric and byzantine archaeology, ottoman history, urban studies, political science and observation of public cultural policies at work in today Turkey.
Thanks to its implantation in the heart of Istanbul, IFEA has become a place of choice for exchange and collaboration between Turkey and France, IFEA aims at perennial access for its publications, both past and future. Though primarily publishing in French and Turkish, the collections are open to other languages.


Histoire turque de l’Institut d’urbanisme de Paris

Des étudiants de 1919 à 1969

Michèle Jolé

Dans ce travail de longue haleine mené entre Paris et Istanbul, fait d'archives et de souvenirs, Michèle Jolé, sociologue de l'urbain trace le portrait de ces étudiants turcs venus poursuivre leur formation en France tout autant qu'elle nous permet de suivre le développement du champ de l'urba...

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La Turquie aujourd’hui

“Guests and Aliens”: Re-Configuring New Mobilities in the Eastern Mediterranean After 2011 - with a special focus on Syrian refugees

Elif Aksaz and Jean-François Pérouse (ed.)

This meeting sought to give an account of the issues raised in Social Sciences worldwide by the migrations and mobilities of populations, particularly Syrian, caused by the upheavals taking place in the South and East of the Mediterranean since 2011. Researchers coming from various disciplines...

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