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Following the merger of Lyon’s two ENS (Ecole Nationale Supérieure) into a single institution and the foundation within it of the Institut français de l’Education (French Education Institute), the ENS Editions university press publishes works from all over the world, by both French and foreign researchers, which reflect the issues being studied in research centres throughout the School.

Perspective du Care

Lire avec soin

Amitié, justice et médias

Éric Méchoulan

How should you consider this experience, which consists of reading texts, but also reading people and situations, looking at abstract paintings and listening to audio files? What kind of communication and what concept of social matters are involved in such a reading?

From the point of view...

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Métamorphoses du livre

Éditer Rousseau

Enjeux d’un corpus (1750-2012)

Philip Stewart

Rousseau was always afraid that his works might be forged and that the Rousseau who reached future generations would be someone other than himself. Over a long period of time, he was most often in disagreement with Voltaire, except when they were both considered to be the most glorious or most...

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