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De fumées et de sang

Gérard Chastagnaret



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This study examines an ecological disaster and a massacre unheard-of in Western Europe in times of civil peace. Based on original sources, it takes a broader look at and questions the very functioning of the Restoration system, drawing on both national and local sources. The national documentation is from the Ministerio de Gobernación, preserved in the Archivo Histórico Nacional and from the dossier on military intervention preserved in the Archivo General Militar in Madrid. Locally, the documentation from the Fundación Río Tinto has been supplemented by a survey of the archives of the principal municipalities concerned. The work is organised in five chronological parts, from the origins of the problem of the «Huelva fumes» through to the epilogue and its memorialisation.

The first part, «The invasion of the fumes», introduces the subject in two dimensions—one temporal, from the beginnings of mine working and the introduction of open-air pyrite calcination using the teleras system, a...

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