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Informality and urbanisation in African contexts: analysing economic and social impacts

Aline Afonso (org.)

This book gathers five papers presented to the ECAS’ 2013 proceedings. Following the theme of the Congress “African dynamics in a multipolar world”, the challenge was to select among the 118 papers presented those which focused in the subjects of informality and space reconfiguration. The papers were selected from 4 panels: “Writing the world from another African metropolis: Luanda and the urban question”, “Urbanisation and poverty in mining Africa”, “Urban imaginaries in Africa” and “Mana...

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  • Éditor : Centro de Estudos Internacionais
  • Coleção : ebook'IS
  • Lugar de publicação : Lisboa
  • Ano de publicação : 2015
  • Publicado em OpenEdition Books : 09 Março 2017
  • ISBN (Edição impressa) : 9789897325809
  • ISBN eletrónico : 9782821879522
  • Número de páginas : 112 p.


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